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How to get bitcoins?

If you are wondering how to get bitcoins, a Bitcoin Exchange is an online trading platform service allowing Bitcoin traders to Buy and Sell Bitcoins.

Since the majority of Bitcoin price tracking services are tied to the US Dollar, you may find it difficult to find somewhere that you can trade either from the UK or in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) or both!

Please see the following list of Bitcoin Exchanges that service UK Customers.

Where to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

The site may offer you a choice of options to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, Paypal or via Bank Transfer.

If the BTC exchange is not based in the UK then you will have to pay by money transfer to get funds into your account which may incur costs from your bank.

Some UK banks are also against anything to do with Bitcoin so the general advice is not to use the tag “Bitcoin” or “BTC” when making transactions to or from your account.

Check with your bank for their Terms and Conditions on Cryptocurrencies before you begin.