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What is the best Bitcoin portfolio tracker for BTC and altcoins?

bitcoin portfolio tracker

bitcoin portfolio tracker

The best Bitcoin portfolio tracker for BTC and alt coins we have found is CoinTracking.

The basic service from CoinTracking is surprisingly FREE!

With such an extensive range of cryptocurrency portfolio management tools on offer, we were a little surprised that they still had a free membership tier.

The free tier allows you to import up to 200 trading transactions. To do this we downloaded the CoinTracking Excel import sample file called CoinTracking_Excel_Import.xls

Bitcoin Trade Importer

Bitcoin Trade Importer

This allows you to populate the import file with your data from any source as long as you match up the right data to the correct columns. This worked a treat and we were able to import our transactions from the Coinbase.

What is Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management?

As your investment in crypto currencies including Bitcoin and others grows, you will find it increasing difficult to keep a track of them all and monitor the trade price gains and losses.

This could prove costly if you fail to spot an upward or downward trend in a currency that may require you to make a quick and important decision to buy or sell.

CoinTracking provides a feature rich cryptocurrency portfolio management platform for both Desktop and SmartPhone App use to keep you up to the minute with where you are.

Does it have a Crytpo Currency Coin Tracking APP?

The official CoinTracking app is simply the best way to keep accurate track of your crypto-currency portfolio. Don’t leave home without it!

Coin Tracking APP

Coin Tracking APP

The APP analyses all your BTC and other ALT Coin trades and generates useful information in real time, such as the profit / loss of your trades, the value of your coins, balances, realised and unrealised gains, and much more.

They also have import options and real time API links to all the major bitcoin markets so that you can import your existing trading history and update it as you buy or sell more currencies.

Free Bitcoin portfolio tracker

Below are the details of the free, PRO and Unlimited user subscription options. Choose one to suit your need.

Try the FREE account to test out their features and options, you won’t be disappointed!

Free Bitcoin portfolio tracker

Free Bitcoin portfolio tracker

Check the website for the latest user options and pricing for the Upgrade tiers.